Открытое заседание отдела типологии и ареальной лингвистики 29 июня

29 июня 2018 года в 12:00 в конференц-зале Института языкознания РАН состоится заседание открытого семинара отдела типологии и ареальной лингвистики. На заседании выступит Кейт Беллами (Лейденский университет) с докладом «The changing face of language contact in Purepecha (Mexico)»

Аннотация доклада

In this talk I will provide a descriptive overview of lexical and morphological borrowing in Purepecha, a language isolate spoken in Michoacán (centre-west Mexico) from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Through a presentation of data from both periods, in the first half of the talk I will argue that swift, profound changes to the socio-political situation in Michoacán have irrevocably altered the borrowing patterns observable in the language. In the second half, I will present the results of two pilot studies investigating a specific aspect of Purepecha-Spanish code-switching, namely how grammatical gender is dealt with in mixed nominal constructions. The results of a production and a comprehension task offer clear but contrasting evidence for the presence of two different gender assignment strategies, whose usage and variation can be linked to both the task undertaken and the type of bilingual speaker.

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