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Books: English as a Lingua Franca for EFL Contexts

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This book explores the interfaces of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) pedagogy. It presents the theoretical aspects of ELF, discusses issues and challenges that ELF raises for the EFL classroom, and demonstrates how EFL practitioners can make use of ELF theorizing for classroom instruction, teacher education, developing language learning materials, policymaking and testing and assessment. Accounts of innovative and practical pedagogical practices and resea

TOC: Australian Review of Applied Linguistics Vol. 41, No. 1 (2018)

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2018. iii, 125 pp. Table of Contents Editorial Pages 1–3 Articles Understanding Chinese EFL teachers’ conceptions and practices of assessment: Implications for teacher assessment literacy development Zhengdong Gan, Sylvia S. L. Ieong, Yuanlian Su and Jinbo He Pages 4–27 Assessing writing ability in a foreign language at secondary school: Variation in performance on a communicative writing task Noriko Iwashita and Robyn Spence-Brown Pages 28–60 From second language to th

TOC: Journal of Language & Politics Vol. 17, No. 4 (2018)

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2018. iii, 123 pp. Table of Contents Articles “If indeed this is the will of the Ekiti people”: A discursive critique of a concession speech Ayodeji A. Adedara Pages 461–484 Partisan follow-ups: Editorial slant among newspapers during the 2013 Japanese Upper House election Tatsuya Fukushima Pages 485–510 Shaping public view: Critical media literacy through English-Greek translated press headlines Maria Sidiropoulou Pages 511–532 ‘Secularism’ as understood and interpret

Calls: Studii de lingvistica

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Journal Studii de lingvistică, issue 9/2019 Coordinator: Cristina Petraş Metadiscursive Expressions in Romance Languages: Syntactic, Pragmatic and Sociolinguistic Aspects Natural languages possess the instruments that allow the speaker to talk about the discourse itself. The speaker can return to the form of this discourse, mark a possible inadequacy between form and meaning, introduce comments on this form, etc. Concepts such as (shown) enunciative heterogeneity, autonymous connotation /

Calls: Lexique

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Dear colleagues, After years of exclusive publication of thematic issues, the journal Lexique (https://lexique.univ-lille.fr/) will begin in 2019 the publication of non-thematic issues ('varia'). The purpose of the journal is to study the lexicon, both in and of itself and as a crossroads of other linguistic fields - morphology, lexicology, lexicography, semantics, computational linguistics, etc. It is intended for language sciences researchers and practitioners, coming from various theoretic

Calls: TESOL Quarterly

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Equity for English Learners in Dual Language Bilingual Education: Persistent Challenges and Promising Practices TESOL Quarterly announces a call for abstracts for the 2020 special topic issue on Equity for English Learners in Dual Language Bilingual Education, co-edited by Drs. Lisa M. Dorner and Claudia Cervantes-Soon. By dual language bilingual education (DLBE), we refer to programs that teach content material in two languages, with goals for bilingualism, biliteracy, and sociocultural co

Calls: Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition - JSMULA

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Call for Papers: December, 2018 issue (Subm. Deadline: Nov.20, 2018) and/or March 2019 issue (Subm. Perieod: Nov.20,2018-Feb.20,2019) Dear Researchers, We cordially invite you to publish your research in Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition- JSMULA (ISSN: 2147-9747); a journal free of charge for both authors and readers since 2013. JSMULA is a quarterly published, double-blind peer-reviewed journal which publishes original theoretical and applied research papers in

Calls: Language Under Discussion

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Call for Papers: 'Language Under Discussion' invites scholarly contributions from all academic disciplines related to human languages and from all theoretical and methodological perspectives. 'Language Under Discussion' is an open-access peer-reviewed journal devoted to promoting open-minded debate on the big fundamental theoretical questions concerning language. Each issue of the journal is composed of a focus paper and discussion notes responding to it. An issue will remain open for addin

Calls: Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development - JCLAD

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A call for December 2018 and/or March 2019 issues Dear Researchers, We cordially invite you to publish your research in the December 2018 (Submission Deadline: Nov.20, 2018) and/or March 2019 (Subm. period: Nov. 21, 2018- Feb. 20, 2019) issues of the Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development - JCLAD (ISSN: 2148-1997); a journal free of charge for both authors and readers since 2013. JCLAD is a quarterly published, double-blind peer reviewed journal which publishes original resea

Calls: Language Testing

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The measurement and tracking of learning gains over time using standardized assessment data will play an ever more important role as new technology makes repeat test taking increasingly common. This area requires more attention if we are to better understand sources of score variability as well as learners' development of language skills over time. The aim of this special issue is to bring together and highlight emerging research in this area. We particularly welcome papers reporting empirical

Госдума всматривается в языки России

В Государственной Думе открылись слушания о языковом многообразии Российской Федерации. Депутаты познакомятся с состоянием языков страны и обсудят перспективы. Слушания откладывали четыре раза.

Председатель комитета Госдумы по делам национальностей Ильдар Гильмутдинов считает, что государство тоже ответственно за сохранение разнообразия языков:

Эффективность работы по сохранению родных языков зависит от роли и участия государства, общества в целом и каждой семьи в отдельности. А это значит, поддержка родных языков должна осуществляться в образовательной, научной, общекультурной, информационной сферах.

Особого внимания и совершенствования требует система подготовки педагогических и научных кадров. У нас в настоящее время нет специальности по подготовке воспитателей детских садов, которые работают с двуязычным ребенком. Отсутствует специальность учителя начальных классов с обучением на родном языке. Невозможно защитить кандидатскую или докторскую диссертации по методике преподавания национальных языков. Ни в одном субъекте мы не наберем семи докторов по данной специальности. Надо понимать, что не будет таких специалистов — не будут и развиваться языки.

На слушаниях обсудят внедрение системы электронного обучения родному языку, возможность дать вузами право добавлять баллы освоившим программы родного языка абитуриентам, способы поощрения учителей за особые успехи учеников в предмете «Родной язык», возрождение всероссийского олимпиадного движения по родным языкам, создание сайта национальных литератур народов России, дополнение и расширение программы «Русский язык и языки народов России» и другие вопросы, — сообщает „Национальный акцент“.

По итогам слушаний Комитет опубликует рекомендации по поддержке родных языков народов России.


  1. Региональные языки и компьютерные технологии В декабре в Уфе пройдёт конференция «Языки меньшинств в компьютерных технологиях: опыт, задачи и перспективы». Институт истории,...
  2. Закон о родных языках одобрен Думой Госдума на заседании в среду приняла в третьем, окончательном чтении законопроект о родных языках. В школах, программа...
  3. Эстония поддержала финно-угорские народы России В рамках проходящей в Эстонии Недели родственных народов Эстонский институт прав человека выразил обеспокоенность по поводу возрастающей...

Books: The Impact of the English Language in Italy

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This book offers a detailed account of the impact that contact with the English language has had on Italian language and society. The first chapter places the Italian case within the current sociolinguistic and language policy debates on the spread of English as a global language. The following chapters focus on how English influences have contributed to the historical development of certain grammatical structures of the Italian language, from phonology to word-formation and syntax. Final

Books: The Handbook of Linguistics, 2e

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Editor’s Note: This is a new edition of a previously announced book. This second edition of The Handbook of Linguistics provides an updated and timely overview of the field of linguistics. The editor’s broad definition of the field ensures that the book may be read by those seeking a comprehensive introduction to the subject, but with little or no prior knowledge of the area. Building on the popular first edition, this new edition features new and revised content reflecting advance

Jobs: Lecturer in French, Princeton University

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The Department of French and Italian has the occasional need for Lecturers in French to teach a range of courses in language and culture in a dynamic undergraduate program committed to innovation and excellence. Part-time positions may be available beginning February 1, 2019, dependent upon the needs of the Department and the qualifications of the candidates. Possibility of renewal will be based on course enrollments and satisfactory performance. Position includes opportunities for professional

Jobs: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Tenure-track, Wartburg College

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Faculty Position Announcement: Founded in 1852, Wartburg College is a selective four-year liberal arts college of the Lutheran Church (ELCA), internationally recognized for community engagement. We offer more than 50 academic majors and pre-professional and certificate programs leading to the bachelor’s degree. The Wartburg Community is committed to creating and maintaining a mutually respectful environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity among all students, faculty, and staff. As an a